At Alleyton Safety is our #1 Priority!

Safety Director - Stephen Gardner
Office: 281-238-1004

Safety and Claims Coordinator - Lisa Thomas
Office: 281-238-1029

Aggregate Safety Manager - Alyssa Veit
Cell: 281-823-2120

Summit Safety Principles
1. Risk Assessment
2. Lock out Tag out
3. Fall Protection
4. PPE/Hazard Assessment
5. Transportation and Mobile Equipment
6. Confined Space
7. Lifting and Rigging
8. Cell Phone/PDA
9. Ergonomics
10. Safety Behavior Guidelines


Use this saying to help you remember all the Summit Safety Principles, "Prepare Risk Assessments by following the Lock Out Tag Out program; otherwise, you might Fall. If you don’t have the proper PPE on, you might need to be Transported in Mobile Equipment to a small, Confined Space of a hospital room. It’s really difficult to Lift and Rig properly when you are on your Cell Phone, even if it’s held Ergonomically. Follow these Safety Behavior Guidelines, and this will not be you."